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She who looks outside dreams; she who looks inside awakes.

Inspire and Connect VIP is an exclusive membership designed for female entrepreneurs and aspirational working women who are ready to connect to their true vision whilst empowering them to look within and awaken who they really are.

So many female entrepreneurs and working women have a desire to grow and to develop in their career but struggle to understand how to embrace their purpose and to strive for more from a place of love for themselves.

Have you ever felt in relation to your business and work:

If yes, then keep scrolling…

This exclusive area is inspired to show you how to move forward from these fearful emotions and feelings that many of us have learnt to live with however this is exactly what I desire to guide you to grow from.

Month by month you will develop your expansive career vision which will inspire and connect you to:

Hey! I’m Laura Moss, mum of two boys, wife and living in Birmingham (UK). Thanks so much for getting this far, hopefully that means something has grabbed your attention. Here is a bit about me and my story.

Its not easy, any of it, life or business. We all have a story to tell and here is mine….

I never knew what I wanted to do when I was younger. I felt so envious of those who had a dream, knew where they were heading and what they aspired to be. I suppose it made me feel like a failure in a lot of ways.

I never stuck to anything; dance lessons, trampolining, gymnastics…nothing stuck. If only someone had told 16 year old me that its ok and that it was all part of the journey.

I left school and went on to University to study Law, I loved the subject and found it all fascinating. But I didn’t have a competitive bone in my body. I hadn’t wanted to be a solicitor since I was 10 years old and I wasn’t an A* student either. After leaving Uni I decided I wanted some life experience, to get married and have children. In September 2008 I joined the Prison Service and boy was that life experience. I loved it!

But again, many would say “why are you here if you did Law?” “Why aren’t you a solicitor?”. It made me feel like I didn’t belong or perhaps I was doing the wrong thing. When my first son came along I needed a change, a better work life balance.

My stepfather gave me an amazing opportunity to work with him at his accountancy practice. I worked 10 minutes from home and had the best work life balance. Whilst studying part time 2 nights a week for my qualifications I had my second son and set up a business with my stepfather alongside his other business.

BUT after I was finally able to give my business the time it needed, I was lost. The self doubt crept in “You can’t run a business” “You aren’t good enough”…imposter syndrome!!! We all go through it but it can be debilitating, preventing us from moving forward in business.

I invested in me and my business in 2017 and everything changed. I grew in confidence, I stepped out from behind my logo and my client rose from 15 to 70 in 6 months. Boom! Got it all sussed out? Nope…

As we expand other fears come up and that pesky self doubt comes in. “I am a fraud, people will find out”, “I’m not as experienced as them”. But the truth is until you work on yourself you will keep falling back down. Something will trip you up and its usually ourselves.

Fast forward to 2019 and I have done some serious work on myself to help me find my passion, purpose and WHY. It’s liberating but the journey isn’t over. As Inspire and Connect grows I want you to come with me because its going to be AMAZING. In just over 6 months we have grown from 2 meet ups to 10, launched a podcast and are now launching an online membership so we can support more and more women looking to change their lives. 

We believe you can…

The Exclusive group will be life changing as it will not only reconnect you to yourself but also you will be surrounded and uplifted by the most beautiful sense of community and outpouring of love and support.

We all have a choice to choose again whether that be:

I am leading you in choosing when you desire to be happy and putting this desire at the top of your list and priorities.

So, what's included?

Sneaky Preview...

Here are some of the topics, modules and inspiration we will cover every month:

  • Vision Boards

  • Journalling

    Learn how to use journalling to feel aligned to your vision and start to feel like you are already living it

  • Goal Setting

    Support in setting those goals each month but also helping you be accountable

  • Pinterest

    A Pinterest expert will teach you how to create Pinterest effectively for your business

  • Money Mindset

    Change your mindset around money and focus on positive affirmations and techniques you can use everyday

  • Telling Your Story

    Receive help from a PR expert in writing your story to receive more PR opportunities and clients

  • Health, Nutrition, and Wellbeing

    YOU are your business so we will be supporting you in being the best version of you

  • Spirituality

    Learn how to connect to you, your higher self and your guides to support you in life and business

  • Mindfulness Activities

    Monthly activities to help you to switch off and be present

  • Plus MUCH more!

I am so excited to welcome the most gorgeous souls into Inspire and Connect Exclusive and to see female entrepreneurs and aspirational women believing and choosing to live their dreams and desires with optimism and passion to make a difference for themselves, their families, clients and colleagues.


You can read about what’s included here.

If you cannot make a meet up that’s ok, but you have paid for a full year and refunds are, therefore, not available

YES! You will have a local meet up as your main meet up but you can attend any others. Please book on so the organiser knows you are attending.

YES if you are an online (and meet up) member you can attend the virtual meet ups during lockdown that have replaced our face to face meet ups.

We are mindful of the Government guidelines and will announce when we will restart our meet ups when we feel it is safe to do so. Our main priority is the safety of our members, guests and venues.

The events are advertised on our Facebook page, Instagram and Eventbrite. Please get in touch with your leaders or take a look at our website.

YES. When a friend joins please ask them to put your full name as a recommendation. This will then link to your account and you will receive a referral reward (tbc).

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