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Sarah Butts

Tropic Skincare Ambassador

Hi. Im Sarah. Im 37. I have 3 wonderful children all boys all under 9. I
love to travel and I love amazing food but I also love pizza. Oh and Gin. I
don’t like sweet corn, carrots or broccoli. Before the kiddie days I was a
project manager for a bank in Birmingham City Centre. Then they came along.

Childcare was very expensive so I couldn’t return to my day job. I worked in a couple of bars mainly washing up before I got “promoted” 😬 out front. I found it really hard juggling late nights and ‪5am‬ starts so for a few years I didn’t really know my own name. 😂.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. That was a bit of a shock. So I started researching how
to look after my skin better. I also had terrible acne and scaring. I came across Tropic Skincare nearly 3 years ago now and it changed my life in 3 huge ways.

1/I’m totally happy not using any chemicals on myself or my children.

2/my skin is better than its ever been

3/this is my full time job and it’s getting better each day.

These days my passion is to help educate men and women about what they put onto their bodies and how self care is so important for mental health. I also thoroughly enjoy mentoring my team of over 60 men and women to enjoy the same.

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